Friday, June 11, 2010

South Africa 2010

For those following the world cup, check out friend of the blog Jon Winet's site Goal 2010 throughout the tournaments for updates.

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  1. Sheesh. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'll do my best to deserve it.

    I pretty much started from scratch this morning and plan to go a bit haphazardly from from now to July 11 [and likely a bit beyond] hopefully focusing on some interesting issues.

    I welcome Train of Thought readers - and even more so - Train of Thought contributors. I welcome your comments, suggestions, links to interesting material and willingness to be interviewed via Skype.

    In all events, I'll be reaching out in the days to come.

    NB: I've just added some perhaps useful links in the right hand column of the blog, including links to South African media.