Thursday, June 17, 2010

Republicans Never Disappoint

Just when you think that you've seen it all:

The Republican party never fails to amaze me.

When Harry Reid was a lock to lose his election, they nominated a crazy person that will allow him to coast to victory. When they had a chance to cruise to a senate seat in Kentucky, they nominated someone who doesn't believe in the Civil Rights Act.

And now, when the country is becoming frustrated (rightfully so) with President Obama's handling of the spill, they apologize to BP's CEO because they thought Obama was too tough on them.

So thank you Joe Barton for reminding America that no matter how much Democrats may suck, the Republican party is nothing but crazy people who care more about the profits of a multinational corporation than the well-being of someone who lost their job because of the disaster that corporation created.


  1. seriously, rebuking the president for being mean to a company that is thoroughly shitting up the entire gulf coast is the most republican thing that any republican has ever done

  2. he forgot to plug how bp stands for "best possible"