Thursday, May 14, 2009

One Day Jon Stewart "Will Answer" for All His Truth Telling

Somehow, Jim Cramer finds the courage to speak publicly:
"No one wants to suffer a beat-down. No one wants to be humiliated or embarrassed. I was shocked at [host Jon Stewart's] behavior. I wish he knew about my background, and I wish he knew about a lot of things that I had done, because I think he would've thanked me instead of attacked me...I think the attack on CNBC and the attacks on me were gravely misplaced. It was rather remarkable in that it was so clear that his goal was to just destroy me. One day he'll answer for it."
If I remember the show correctly, Cramer actually gave that speech about all the good stuff he does and how he should be thanked for all his work exposing fraud in the financial markets on the Daily Show. Then Jon Stewart proceeded to play clips of him advocating stock manipulation and other ways of illegally gaming the system. Cramer sat there at a loss for words, looking as humiliated and embarrassed as you'd expect an exposed liar on national television to be.

And then Jim Cramer went back to his daily show and TV appearences, as we resume our existance in an alternate reality where Jim Cramer is a market guru and Jon Stewart is a egotistical asshole who needs to be taken to task. We live in a media climate where simple fact based realities like "being right" vs "being wrong" have no importance whatsoever.

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