Monday, December 15, 2008

George W. Bush Murdered in Surprise Shoe Assault

This morning the world was shocked by the news that President Bush had been attacked by a shoe-wielding Iraqi during a press conference. Although major news networks and the government quickly moved to stifle the truth, it has now been uncovered: contrary to their claims that Bush is 'perfectly fine' and that 'the shoe missed him,' expert Youtuber Bleeep has proved conclusively that Bush was killed in the attack. Here is Bleeep's tribute video, graphically depicting the kill and the immediate aftermath.

Shocking stuff. 12/15/2008- never forget.


  1. Little did George W. know that that was an actual assassination attempt by none other than renowned international assassin odd job cleverly disguised as an Iraqi journalist. Who throws a shoe? Honestly!

  2. Who throws a shoe? Honestly!

    an utter champion, that's who

  3. a true champion would have hit him. but who knew G.W. could dodge shoes just as well as his responsibilities as President.

    i commend GW. it is not often a president must earn his right to be a complete d-bag. i especially enjoyed his comment after the shoe-ssasination attempt "I do not know what he said. But I got a good look at his sole." Haha Hilarious. we all know irreverent puns are the quickest way to the heart of the Iraqi people.