Friday, December 5, 2008

Cluster-bomb ban treaty unanimously accepted!

Just kidding.

Let’s see, who supported the ban? Laos, pfft, what do those guys know about cluster-bombs, anyway? Not like they still have to deal with unexploded ordinance we dropped on them during the Vietnam War or anything. Who else… ah, Lebanon. The article is kind enough to point out that the Lebanese have 4 million bomblets spread across southern Lebanon, care of Israel’s wildly successful attempt to outdo Bush with regard to enacting shitty foreign policy.

Alright, so maybe they have something here. It does make me curious about who would oppose this treaty- let’s take a quick look at a few notable non-signers:


Wow, I sure am proud to see my country up there with that crew. Putin would probably request that you pry any weapon system from his cold dead hands, China must have a list of places they’d love to make uninhabitable with cluster-bombs, and Israel proudly went through them like they were going out of style back in 2006. I thought we had learned our lesson in Afghanistan, however.

Maybe a new President will give us a chance at reversing this shameful decision.

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