Saturday, February 16, 2008

This is what democracy looks like

Challenger Edwards Wins Stunning Victory Over Long-Time Incumbent Wynn

Kos sums up the bigger picture well:
As I wrote time and time again, we don't have the money to buy off our politicians, and the bad Democrats know we're not about to start voting for Republicans. So the only way we can hold our caucus accountable is to send notice that we will primary them. And sure, they may survive such primaries. But sometimes they won't.

We'll be working this fall for "more" Democrats, but today we struck a blow on behalf of better Democrats.

Our caucus is once again on notice. If they continue to serve corporate interests rather than their constituents, if they insist on remaining aloof to the nation's popular sentiment, they'll get booted in a Democratic primary like Joe Lieberman in 2006 and Al Wynn in 2008.
A win in Maryland, but a message sent to the entire democratic congress.

PS: This is a little late but as some of you know, I've had some sort of flu that has basically put me out of commission since Wednesday afternoon. But now it's on the way out... just like Al Wynn! Damn! Ok, that sucked, but I'm still not 100%, so give me a break.

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