Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Go Donna Go!

Crappy whether means that results will be coming in late. You can follow those results for the rest of the night at the post. I was planning to head over to their election night party but being somewhat sick and the bad roads got in the way.

In other news, Obama with a clean sweep, and as E correctly pointed out in the comments a few posts ago, this is serious business for him. Clinton is in serious trouble, and even if she wins Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania (the only states she is still way up in the polls)... she now needs to do so by an almost impossibly large margin. No positive way to spin that, but Mark Penn, knock yourself out.

This just in: Tim Russert states the winner of Pennsylvania will come down to "white men with guns and boats". That horrifying image speaks for itself, but I can't resit:

The Visual Representation of the "Russert Equation"

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  1. you like that word; "foreshadowy"? i'm trying to get it trademarked like dennis green.

    a good night for Obama, especially surprising in VA (where ain't shit to do but... vote, apparently). not getting carried away though, there are still too many delegates up for grabs down the stretch of this thing. donna edwards is soundly ahead as of midnight Wed. as well, which is even better in the wake of wynn's smear campaign & attack ads. let's keep it going, dems...