Friday, February 1, 2008

How good is this guy?

  • 4 Goals(Including OT Game-winning Goal)
  • 1 Assist
  • +4 Rating
  • 5 Hits
  • 1 Broken Nose
  • 2 Sets of stitches (cheek and lip, from separate incidents)
What more can you say. The kid is special. He's the most skilled player on the ice, but he likes to truck people as much as he does score goals. (After being drafted #1 overall, a reporter asked him what he wanted the Washington fans to know about him he only said: "I play physical") I've talked to a few people about this type of thing before, but he's like what Lebron is to the NBA, and what Sean Taylor was to the NFL. Someone with Ove's skill set, speed, agility and balance was not meant to be in a 6-2 220 pound frame. But in those rare cases when you do get that combination of strength and skill, you feel like you are witnessing a force of nature... and last night sure was an example of that.

And like JP said, with the season he's having, maybe it's time to bring out the H-word. All I know growing up as a DC sports fan, I've never seen a player in any sport dominate like this. Not even close.

Oh yeah, what did Ove say about last night?
"Today was special day," Ovechkin said after the team doctor went to work on his nose, which he broke for the fifth time. "I broke my nose, I have stitches, I score four goals. Everything go to my face."
Amazing. Maybe 13 years wasn't long enough...

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