Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The end is near

The out of control train wreck that is Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign may finally be coming to a close.

And this really can't come a moment too soon. I was pretty amazed at the media's response to the love fest at the end of the last debate, and then assuming that the rest of the campaign would carry on in that fashion. What on earth would give them the impression that Clinton's campaign would bow out with any kind of grace? Have they been watching this thing? She's going to go out the exact same way she ran this campaign from November on: Throwing haymakers and smearing shit on anything she can find. She'll keep missing, and the attacks won't work, but make no mistake, she'll keep trying. I missed tonight's debate because I was having much more fun a Caps game with my dad, but after watching a recap showing of her conciliatory tone at the end, let me make a bold prediction: She will go right back to throwing haymakers and smearing shit on the walls. Shocking stuff, I know. There's a reason you can't bet on this type of thing, it isn't rocket science.

I'm no Obama partisan but I've been getting so sick and tired of hearing people who I otherwise respect saying that we have two great candidates... and whatever happens we'll be alright. In one corner we have probably the greatest politician of our generation who if we relentlessly push in the right direction could provide the biggest movement towards progressive ideas in some time. Someone with Bill Clinton like skills without the selling-out. In another corner we have the physical embodiment of everything the progressive left should loathe: A democrat who thinks nothing of turning her back on progressive ideas at the slightest sign of a fight (Health care, war with Iraq, war with Iran, trade, censorship and flag burning idiocy just to name a few). I hope that all these people who would be satisfied with her candidacy realize that the only reason her policies look remotely acceptable now is because the country wants leftist policies. If the country was still 50/50 over the war, trade, or health care, do you think there would be a chance in hell she's going to battle for these causes? Whether sitting silently on Walmart's board while they discussed busting unions, supporting war with both Iraq and Iran because she wanted to prove she was "tough" during her presidential run, she has shown time and time again that she wasn't willing to fight when it wasn't the overwhelmingly popular thing to do.

Hell, in her gut, she may actually be to the left of Obama on a bunch of issues. And I may disagree with how Obama proposes approaching many of these issues. But as for the question as to who will fight for these issues, at least it's a question with Obama.

We KNOW she won't fight. She backs down at the slightest sign of political unpopularity. That is one trait she has proven time and time again throughout her career. We don't know about Obama how Obama will respond to the pressure, but I at least believe he is sincere in pursuing these goals, which means he's already miles ahead of Clinton in that debate. Only time will tell how much he will actually accomplish, or how much he really will hold firm to progressive principles... but with him there's a chance. If door number one is open, and you can see the pile of flaming crap, why on earth wouldn't you take a shot with mystery door #2?

Sure makes sense to me. And it's been too long since I've made a stupid graphic. Fun Times.

It's gonna be a ugly week. But I think the end is near.

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