Thursday, February 7, 2008

4.3 Million Worth

As reports come out that Hillary Clinton's staffers will go without pay for the next month and that she is loaning herself 5 million dollars to keep this thing going, it's good to know that not everyone is feeling the burn. Not only is chief union busting/Blackwater defending creep Mark Penn still taking his pay, but his it's been revealed that his firm "Penn, Schoen and Bertland received 4.3 million dollars for their work, and that figure doesn't even include another 1.5 million owed that has yet to be payed. But if she wasn't paying him 6 million dollars, who would she get to come up with brilliant spin like this:
"The more that Senator Obama has shifted to becoming an establishment campaign based on endorsements, people said, `You know, it's really Senator Clinton who has the ideas for change,'" Penn told reporters.
Well that may sound incredibly stupid but in fairness to Penn that 4.3 million wasn't by commission, and since he's getting his payday win or lose he's probably fine with mailing it in every now and then. Call it the Vince Carter method, it seems to work out ok for him. Oh wait, nevermind.

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