Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Government Shutdown

My guess is that this lasts a few days or a week, the pressure will mount enough on house Republicans to cave and pass a clean budget, but with sequester cuts because the Democrats already pre-compromised on that because of course they did.

Also guessing this deal will include a debt limit raise, because at that point the house republicans are going to be in such dire straights that they won't want to do this again.

There were a lot of really dumb moves here, but then again, when you're working with this crowd it's far form unexpected. The shutdown will do well at preventing people from being primaried, but will make the rest of the country hate them with a ferocity that could cost them the house in 2014.

It's also an example of how the GOP is hurt by the conservative media bubble that these folks operate in. A lot of the house genuinely believe that they will be greeted as liberators for shutting down the government to block Obamacare. "Obamacare" is not popular, but it's also not THAT unpopular. You know what is THAT unpopular? Shutting down the government, especially when people find out it's to block Obamacare. While people might not like "Obamacare" in the abstract form it's been in until today, they REALLY won't like the people who caused the government shutdown. Just about everyone outside of the conservative bubble has figured this out, including the house and senate Republican leadership. All that's left are lonely house tea partiers fighting the good fight while making their national party more toxic by the minute. If these neanderthals weren't fucking up the economy and putting people out of work, it would be goddamn hilarious.


  1. I hate them. A friend of mine saw a motorcade this morning, we were hoping it was Joe Biden on his way to beat the hell out of John Boenher, but yet again I'm disappointed with our elected official.

  2. Yeah... NIH is fucking broken. Aaaaall kinds of shit. But most importantly, grants aren't being reviewed, and the ones that were supposed to start paying out around now aren't.
    Old grants expiring + no new grants = no money = no jobs.