Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Train Lounge: "The Sound of Unity"

Ran into this in the office, had to put it somewhere.  I know that Tibetans find creative ways to express dissent, and that artists and musicians in China can occasionally find spaces of safety by using coded language and metaphors, but this music video by a Tibetan singer named Sherten blew my mind.  Keep in mind that this is a guy living in Tibet right now, dealing with all of the restrictions and policing that come with Chinese rule.  His video, here with English subtitles, starts with a few clips of Tibetans in different parts of Tibet calling for unity between the three traditional provinces of Tibet.  There's then a short statement by Sherten himself, and then the song itself:

Open references to grieving mothers and fathers, and towards the end telling people to think of "the peace and happiness of a free life," are pretty open references as these things go in China.  Recording this and releasing is a pretty big act of bravery, and as far as I can tell Sherten himself is still going.  Wow.

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