Monday, October 8, 2012

About the Sunday Shows...

This is an edition of what atrios said:
To me, the problem with the Sunday shows isn't that they suck, it's that so many moderately engaged people don't understand that they suck. They've bought into the idea that what Very Serious People Who Care About Politics Do is watch these shows, that the proper thing for an engaged citizen to do is to turn on Dancing Dave's Clown Circus and absorb the massive amounts of wisdom it generates.
I used to watch Meet the Press and similar shows for this reason as well. I'd get insanely frustrated, but pissing me off isn't the problem. Neither is the fact that they have stupid people lying and talking about fake problems.

The problem is that watching those shows is seen as how an "engaged citizen" pays attention to politics when in reality watching those shows makes you dumber about current events 90% of the time. Similar to the lying during the debate, the portion of the american electorate that cares enough about politics to flip on wednesday's debate was treated to a endless stream of bullshit that would make them less informed on the differences between the candidates than they were before they watched it.

The braindead media is dangerous, and doing it's best to kill our democracy.

Watch up with Chris Hayes. Get smarter.

But then again, it's not train readers I'm worried about.

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