Thursday, October 18, 2012

Binders Full Of Women, Coal And Gangbangers

I watched a replay of the debate after my exam, wanted to get a few thoughts out there:

- Although it doesn't appear to be the main take away, the moment where Romney got corrected by the moderator about what Obama said seemed to be the highlight. Debates are all about calling people out, and to be publicly shamed like that seemed like a really bad look.

-The 15 minute stretch arguing about who loves coal, oil and natural gas... with no mention of climate change. Ugh. History will not look kindly on them for that.

-Obama's thing about immigration came off much better than Romney's, but he's deported many, many more people than just "gangbangers". The vast majority, you could say.

-As Kari pointed out in the previous post, the "binders full of women" comment overshadowed what was actually a much more offensive part about how women have different schedules because they need to be in the kitchen cooking for their husbands.

-Once again, 90% of the time Mitt Romney either lied about his previous positions, or just changed them during the debate on the fly. He has yet to face much of a consequence for this, and only time will tell if he does.

-I do wonder how the right watches these debates. It's frustrating for me to see Mitt Romney be a completely different person than he was 2 months ago, how do they feel that he has to hide from their ideology to not seem like a monster.

-Which also makes me wonder how anyone can like Mitt Romney. He's such a spineless coward that it's incredible. I totally understand where Harry Reid is coming from. All politicians have moving principles to some degree, but those all the way at the Romney Hillary Clinton/Specter end of the spectrum are the most disgusting  I understand someone supporting Rick Santorum or Scott Walker. I will never understand someone being a diehard supporter of Mitt Romney.

Also, you can tell I've been off the grid when I missed a story involving Taggggg Romney.

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