Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Republican Debate Thoughts

So while this is far from the first debate, this is the first one I was able to watch in non highlight form, so I figured I'd give a few thoughts.
  • Romney is so far ahead of these guys in "general politician skills" it's not even funny. His exchange with Newt was probably the most devastating 1 on 1 take down I've seen in a debate. Humiliated him. I know, it's Newt, and degree of difficulty and all, but man was that brutal to watch.
  • Having only read about the other debates, I didn't understand how Rick Perry could have dropped 20 points in 3 weeks. Well, that mystery is solved! He makes Bush seem articulate and knowledgeable on the issues.
  • I want a framed picture of the look on everyone's face when Ron Paul brought up Iran/Contra. I'd actually pay to see cameras of each person's face when Ron Paul is speaking, just to capture their facial expressions.
  • Based on the Iran/Contra thing, we need to find a way to do a Republican debate where all the questions are directly related to the things that Reagan actually did, rather than the nonsense claimed about him now. We could kick it off by asking if arming Osama Bin Laden was a good idea. 
  • Cain's response to criticism of his Sim City tax plan was incoherent, and mostly about fruit. Don't know if people cared or not though.
  • Bachman seemed fairly subdued. Santorm's desperate attempts to talk about his hatred of gay people was hilarious. You could tell he just wanted to yell out "listen you morons, All you used to care about was gay people and abortion!!! What happened???"
  • There seems to be a strong anti-romney vote, but there isn't a warm enough body to house it. It really can't be emphasized how terrible all the other cantidates are, just in their political skills alone. Obama better hope that they can coalese around someone and take down Romney, cause I'm really starting to believe if he gets the nomination Obama is toast.
  • One more thing, Anderson Cooper repeating the complete BS right wing lie that only 51% of Americans pay taxes drove me insane. I know it's a Republican debate and no facts were allowed within 30 feet of the stage, but I expect better from Anderson Cooper for some reason.
Did you watch it? What did you think?


  1. I'm cutting Cooper slack because of the balls on Santorum for going pretty anti-gay in front of him. Then again, there is a possibility that none of the candidates know Cooper is in fact gay or maybe they are self-hating for being attracted to him.

    All day my hatred for Paul has grown, mostly because of the idiots who like him. I too, would like a play-by-play on the audience when Paul speaks. I don't know, which is better that idea they don't know/understand what he's talking about or that they agree with him in his delusions.

  2. Do you think the republicans are just going to settle on Mitt Romney like democrats did with John Kerry? Also, can there be more than one first Lady? Like how would that work exactly? Is there a second and third lady ranked in the order they were married in.

    @Kari. I did not know that either. Santorum does run on a platform of making mortal enemies out of gay people, so it probably was intentional. hence this little gem (

    What's not to like about Paul? 1. Disband most/all of the federal government 2. ? 3. Profit.