Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pro Murder/Slave Labor/Tax Cheating Bills Pass The House, Will Be Signed By Democratic President

Last night, the free trade deals that we've written about numerous times on this blog passed the house, the last meaningful place where they could have been opposed. They then go to the desk of a Democratic president, who I can only assume will sign the agreement with the blood of murdered Colombian trade unionists, because that's the level of fuck he's given about their lives in pushing these deals.

Obama released a statement about how these job killing deals will create jobs (no really, i believe you this time!) and about how exciting it is that we have enough corporate whores in both parties to make this deal bipartisan. He described the deal as a "major win for American workers, to which David Dayen brilliantly replied:
They’re not a win for Colombian trade unionists, as even the weak Action Plan which has failed to protect them from murder was kept on the side and not written into the trade pact, giving it no authority. They are mainly a win for North Korean sweatshop owners and Panamanian tax haven specialists. And, I should add that the President and his entire party just got done saying that Republicans want only to sabotage the economy, and will not let anything pass that creates jobs. Now they are applauding the passage of job-creating trade agreements. Something doesn’t fit.
It's actually pretty simple: It doesn't fit because he's lying to all of us about the impact of this deal. Does it make more sense now?

There are no mean senators making this happen, there are no government constraints forcing Obama to pass these deals. I don't know if he's passing them because it makes him look like a super awesome bipartisan leader for the election, or whether he thinks rewarding a country for legalizing the murder of unionists is the right thing to do. Or if he thinks the American worker benefits from competition with slave labor. Or if he thinks that tax cheats needed a helping hand. It honestly doesn't matter. Pushing these deals was 100% Obama's call, and it's a truly shameful moment for his presidency.

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