Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Class War Wednesday

Well, they aren't lying!
The Occupy Wall Street movement spread to Chicago this week, where protesters have gathered outside the Chicago Board of Trade, the world’s oldest options and futures trading center. Like the protesters in New York and other cities around the country, the group gathered to protest our nation’s growing income inequality, as the top 1 percent of Americans continue to see their incomes rise rapidly and their tax rates fall. The Chicago traders, confronted by the protesters’ “We are the 99 percent” message, crafted their own not-so-subtle reply, hanging signs in eighth-floor windows that said, “We are the 1%“:


  1. The truly embarrassing thing is that the person who hung that sign probably wasn't in the top 1%, and just thought they were.

  2. true, but then I don't think the protests actually represent the top 2-5%, so their signs are wrong too.