Monday, June 13, 2011

While Rome Burns...

The government wastes money. Let's cut heating assistance for old people to solve this fake problem!

Lolz! Don't you get it? This video is funny cause the government sucks! Obama's saying that, and he's a Democrat! This wins you a prize or something!

And thank god we're no longer at the mercy of those domain host fat cats! That's such an economic burden that I can afford it!

Two years ago Joe Biden was asked to chair the "Middle Class Task Force", which was designed focus on economic issues for the non-rich. I'm guessing they asked him to do this once the administration gave up on having a middle class.


  1. I don't cry often, but sometimes your blog does it. Once day, a Republican (at least I hope it is) will push through a bill where we put poor people in camps.

  2. The Ryan medicare destruction plan isn't far from that, for old people at least. And I guess they won't need camps, cause they'll all be dead without health care.

    Sorry our blog does that to you some times, and I'll admit, that video made me particularly incensed.

    Sometimes I want to smash something after reading your blog... so I guess we're even (particularly the Ohio labor stuff)

  3. great we're driving one another to tears and violence. this sounds healthy.

  4. Ryan care kills old people, no obama care kills old people. No! Ryan care hates poor people. NO NO NO it is obama care that hates the poor. WAIT, no ryan care masterbates on dead kittens. oh no, hold the fuck on it is obama care that plans to masterbate on not only kittens but also puppies...i am sick of this game. is it time to pretend like our vote matters yet?