Monday, June 6, 2011

The Joe Buck Discusting Act of The Week: Joe Scarborough

Warning: Do not watch this video unless you want to be sent into a blinding rage. (via crooks and liars) (and thanks to Kari for reminding me to bring this feature back)

There are two things that particularly struck me about this segment:

1. There are no facts present, at any time during the rant or afterwards. Medicare cost are rising because health care costs are rising, and medicare is actually the cheapest/best/most efficient health care system we have in the US. I'd say I was shocked when no one corrects him, but when he's "debating" Harold Ford, I don't expect much.

2. This is how actually how many "serious" pundits in DC view social security and medicare. It's not a program people pay into with their paychecks each month that keeps the elderly living and out of poverty, it's a lavish giveaway to greedy old people who don't deserve it.

And even though I understand that this is how the right has always viewed Medicare and Social Security, I'm a bit taken aback that they're now empowered (for unknown reasons) to say this shit out loud.

Fucking monsters.


  1. Correct, I want to punch this man in the face. I couldn't even finish the video. Gross, I feel like I need to wash his sentiments off me.

  2. i think the real question here is why has Bill Clinton taken such a strong position against sunshine?