Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Train of Thought Lounge–Shaq–“I’m Outstanding”

Certain moments make people feel a lot older than they really are.  Celebrating graduations, attending a good friend’s wedding and the like. 

Personally, I feel old when I see athletes retire – specifically that first batch of athletes from the early-mid 1990’s.  I can still remember the ‘92 draft because of all the hype surrounding Zo, that guy from Duke who used to have an ownership stake in DC United and Shaq, and because of the 1992 Dream Team Olympics.

So in honor of Shaq Diesel’s retirement after 19 years (Holy Crap – he’s 39?!?!?!) I give you the smash hit of his album Shaq Diesel – “I’m Outstanding”

Just be thankful I didn’t include the Fu Schnickens in this post .

And as a bonus – Shaq breaking backboards back in the day:

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