Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SCOTUS Docketwatch Pt. 1 – Federal Court strikes down California’s ban on Gay Marriage

BREAKING NEWS – US District Court Judge Vaughn Walker ruled that California’s proposition 8 violates the United States Consitution:

“Proposition 8 fails to advance any rational basis in singling out gay men and lesbians for denial of a marriage license.  Indeed, the evidence shows Proposition 8 does nothing more than enshrine in the California Constitution the notion that opposite sex couples are superior to same-sex couples. Because California has no interest in discriminating against gay men and lesbians, and because Proposition 8 prevents California from fulfilling its constitutional obligation to provide marriages on an equal basis, the court concludes that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional.”

More to come, I plan on reading the decision in full tonight and will follow-up with Part 2’s analysis of what this means and where the case will go in appeals.

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