Thursday, August 5, 2010

Homosexuals are GAY!!!

I'll leave the actual legal analysis to RB, because in honor of the prop 8 ruling the Huffington Post gathered up some pictures of people fucking with anti gay protesters.

Check them out, here are a few of my favorites:

Also worth noting is Newt Gingrich's reaction:
"Judge Walker's ruling overturning Prop. 8 is an outrageous disrespect for our Constitution and for the majority of people of the United States who believe marriage is the union of husband and wife."
I'm pretty sure he meant to say is that marriage is the union of a husband and a wife who you leave while she's battling cancer, as well as the union with your second wife who you then leave for a mistress 26 years younger than you, and finally the third union between you and your mistress who you marry immediately after your second divorce becomes final.

With sacred unions like that under siege, no wonder he's so outraged!


  1. I am going to really enjoy that third union. You just have to suffer through those first two.

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