Monday, July 26, 2010

White Privilage Is A Myth, Says White Member of 99% White U.S. Senate

Adam Sewer has a great take down of Jim Webb's recent op-ed. The whole thing well argued and researched, but he really could have stopped after this:
There are a number of things about Senator Jim Webb's op-ed "The Myth of White Privilege" to dislike, starting with the fact that one of the awesome things about the existence of white privilege is that you can be part of a body like the U.S. Senate, which has a total number of zero elected black members, and write something titled "The Myth of White Privilege" without anyone batting an eyelash.
Webb is good on a lot of issues, but this is blindingly stupid.

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  1. Yeah, that was ridiculous. I liked the part where he wrote about the discrimination of Protestants.