Friday, July 2, 2010

The Joe Buck Disgusting Act of the Week: The DNC

Even a blind squirrel, or a broken clock...
"Keep in mind again, federal candidates, this was a war of Obama's choosing. This is not something the United States had actively prosecuted or wanted to engage in."...

"It was the president who was trying to be cute by half by flipping a script demonizing Iraq, while saying the battle really should be in Afghanistan. Well, if he's such a student of history, has he not understood that you know that's the one thing you don't do, is engage in a land war in Afghanistan? All right, because everyone who has tried, over a thousand years of history, has failed. And there are reasons for that. There are other ways to engage in Afghanistan."
The man who said those words?

What up indeed.

So how does the DNC respond? Well since it's the DNC, they do it in the most hacktastic way possible:

Here goes Michael Steele setting policy for the GOP again. The likes of John McCain and Lindsey Graham will be interested to hear that the Republican Party position is that we should walk away from the fight against Al Qaeda and the Taliban without finishing the job. They'd also be interested to hear that the Chairman of the Republican Party thinks we have no business in Afghanistan notwithstanding the fact that we are there because we were attacked by terrorists on 9-11.

And, the American people will be interested to hear that the leader of the Republican Party thinks recent events related to the war are 'comical' and that he is betting against our troops and rooting for failure in Afghanistan. It's simply unconscionable that Michael Steele would undermine the morale of our troops when what they need is our support and encouragement. Michael Steele would do well to remember that we are not in Afghanistan by our own choosing, that we were attacked and that his words have consequences.
So opposing the war in Afganistan means you're "Betting against our troops"and "rooting for failure". Good to know.

I know Steele is only saying it because Obama is running the war, but that shit doesn't matter. It was wrong when the Bush Administration questioned the patriotism of those who opposed their wars, and it's wrong the the DNC to do it now. Period.

It would be absolutely insane for Michael Steele to lose his job over this (as opposed to all the legitimately destructive stuff he's done), but considering how stupid our political culture is, I wouldn't be surprised.

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