Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Real Big (Alaskan) Meat

This really speaks for itself:
Sarah Palin's political action committee spent some $3,800 in the past quarter on "gift bag items" from an Alaskan company called Indian Valley Meats, according to SarahPAC's latest FEC reports

Indian Valley, according to its (drool-worthy) web site, sells gift boxes full of Alaskan meats: smoked salmon, caribou sausage, musk ox jerky, reindeer hot dogs, trail sticks, honey mustard sauce and more.

Palin apparently spent the nearly $4,000 on gifts for supporters at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference back in April. According to a report in Business Week, more than 3,000 delegates walked into Palin's speech to find "an Alaska snack from SarahPAC"-- Indian Valley's teriyaki sticks with caribou meat.
It must be nice to have lots of really stupid people give you truckloads of money for doing absolutely nothing.


  1. "musk ox jerky" is pretty much the worst three words you could combine to make a food, why would anyone create/eat that

  2. well, "ox jerky" doesn't sound far off from "beef jerky"... but yes, I don't think that "musk" is something I want my jerky to have...