Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Obama Realizes True Nature of Republicans

And it only took him 14 months!
President Obama thinks Republicans will engage in a full battle over his Supreme Court nominee regardless of the person's ideological leanings, and in some ways "that realization is liberating for the president" to choose whomever he pleases, an administration official told TPMDC.
The guy can't eat breakfast in the morning without having conservative pundits and politicians shit themselves in breathless horror over "our new socialist morning meal," so now in April 2010 he finally gets a hunch that they'll flip out regardless of what he does? Great job, genius!

I guarantee this is a story we'll see over and over again after Obama loses battle after battle. "Oh, those no-good Republicans stopped us last time... but now it'll be different! We're totally on to them now! Progressives, please continue supporting us- maybe donate a few dollars?" -David Plouffe

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