Saturday, January 30, 2010

Manning Up - It's Called Being a President

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On Friday Morning, President Obama travelled to Baltimore for the Republican Caucus's annual retreat, and submitted himself to questioning from the opposition. Here is the video via MSNBC; and be on the lookout for replays in primetime via CSPAN.

Now, could you imagine Bush doing this? Or even Clinton for that matter? And on camera?

Mind you, we may disagree with some of his answers and proposals - especially regarding Energy Policy (What the hell is "Clean Coal"?), Health Insurance Reform and his initial economic policies, but Obama finally appears to have recaptured some of his Campaign Trail Swagger.

Be sure to check out the question from Tom Price at 39:20 (GA), where he asks "You have stated that Republicans have repeatedly offered no ideas and no solutions...In spite of the fact that we have offered postive solutions for health care...that would provide health care for all Americans...What should we tell our constituents when who know that Republicans have offered positive answers to the challenges that Americans Face?"

Obama's Response at 42:30 - "It's not enough that you say we've offered a health care plan, and I look up the section you've provided me 'Summary of GOP Health Care Reform Bill' [which says] 'The GOP Plan will lower health care premiums for American Families and Small Businesses, addressing America's number One priority for health reform.' That's an idea we all embrace, but specifically it must work. There must be a mechanism that will actually work."


  1. Agreed: this was completely amazing.

    In fairness to the GOP, there were a couple of good questions... But also SO MANY stupid ones, and Obama was having none of it.

    It also revealed something about Obama more clearly than any other appearance I've seen: he's openly a conservative president. Just, conservative in the older, wiser sense, not the insane radicalism that has usurped the word.

  2. a god damn teddy roosevelt of the 21st century. he takes shit from no one. I am calling it right here and now: a canal connecting the pacific and the Atlantic through canada by 2011.

  3. Not only was this the best thing Obama's done since I can remember, it's probably the healthiest thing our democracy's seen in a long time as well.

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