Friday, January 29, 2010


After two plus years, we've somehow managed to total 1,000 posts.

We've spanned one absurd primary season, a general election, JN's yearlong adventure in China, the glory of the PUMAs, the first year the Obama Administration, and of course, the hilariousness of fucking with the teabaggers.

Thanks to you, the reader who gives us reason to believe that we're not just endlessly typing away into the vast abyss of the internet.

Our traffic varies, but we've grown to the point where we now average between 40-70 unique visitors a day, something I would have never thought possible two years ago.

Hopefully we can plan some sort of real world 1,000th post party where we can exchange profane rants in person, as our founding fathers would have wanted.

Keep reading, keep commenting and thank you for your support of our endless vituperation!



  2. But well done; maybe if we could figure out just who reads this blog; we could have an "Every Train Needs A Caboose: The Train of Thought DC Bar Extravaganza" celebration or something...