Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just a Reminder...

Crazy/super controversial ideas like taxing the rich to fund BIG GOVERNMENT are actually well liked, and can be passed by popular referendum:
It looks like Oregon corporations and high-income earners will pay higher state taxes as voters weighed in Tuesday on two hotly debated measures.

The latest results indicate both Measure 66 and 67 passed in 11 of Oregon's 36 counties.

"Tonight, I want to thank Oregonians for voting to protect critical public services during this difficult economic period," Gov. Ted Kulongoski said in a statement. "Even with this result, we still have some challenges before us. It is going to be a slow growth recovery from this recession for Oregon and the entire nation."

Measure 66 raises the income tax paid by households earning at or above $250,000 a year or individual filers who make $125,000 or more. Measure 67 raises the state's $10 minimum corporate income tax.

Together they generate an estimated $727 million, which has already been budgeted by the 2009 Legislature for public schools and other state services.

The tax measures were strongly supported by the state's teachers and other public employee unions. They argued that schools and public services would face damaging cuts.

A coalition of Oregon businesses, including the state's grocers, mounted a campaign to defeat the taxes, arguing that they would cost jobs at a time when the economy is already struggling.

House Speaker Dave Hunt said he and other supporters "have been hopeful from the beginning that Oregonians would be committed to strong schools, access to services and a healthy business climate."
You wouldn't know it from the way many Democrats piss their pants at the thought of populism, but these ideas are... wait for it... *popular*!

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