Friday, October 9, 2009

They Gave Obama What?!

Maybe the Norwegian Nobel Committee just couldn’t find anyone who actually deserved it, or maybe they woke up this morning and decided to dedicate this award to trolling American conservatives. Either way, heads are exploding on this side of the Atlantic with the news that Obama has been given a Nobel Peace Prize. Perhaps he postponed his meeting with the Dalai Lama until after he received one so that they could clink their medals together in India?

Actually, after hearing about how bewildered foreigners are by our inexplicably crazy conservative movement, I’m willing to accept that they may have done it just to hear the reaction from Limbaugh, Beck, Free Republic, and company. Patashu, a poster on Laissez's Fair, has another explanation that might be more convincing:

"the noble prize committee looked into their crystal ball, and shuddered at the terror that mccain/palin would have caused..."

Or maybe it really is just an award given to someone for not being George W. Bush- if that’s the case, I eagerly await mine.

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