Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Put Her In Her Place"

Stay classy, NRCC:

The GOP congressional campaign committee sent out a fundraising appeal today calling Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal to put Nancy Pelosi "in her place" over the war in Afghanistan.

The NRCC email accused Pelosi of "backpedaling" on support for the war "amidst increasing criticism from the radical left." Pelosi recently said liberal support for the troop increases McChrystal has advocated could be "difficult" to obtain.

NRCC communications director Ken Spain, quoted in the fundraising email: ""Nancy Pelosi continues to make party politics a higher priority than our national security. Rather than listening to a four-star general's assessments on Afghanistan, General Pelosi somehow believes she is better suited to craft our country's military policy."

"Taxpayers can only hope McChrystal is able to put her in her place," the email concludes.

Get it? Get it? She's a woman! It's not her place! Get it? Get it?


  1. I dont know, JJ. I would probably go with the advice of a four star general in the war on Afghanistan over any senator. No matter what their sex.

    haha unless...haha of course...that general was trying to cover up the murder of a professional football player. Who was serving in Afghanistan. And, killed by his own troops. And, then consequently burned along with all of his earthly possessions to ultimately not jeopardize a second election of the Bush administration to office. Then...haha...then I might possibly go with ANYONE! else...Not on this though.

    And, that scenario described in the former: Controversy surrounding Tillman's death Very, very unlikely.

  2. obviously an overtly sexist comment, but you would hope that Obama could trust the military assessment of the general he appointed to do the job without having to discuss its merits with people who have 0 military background. it must be infuriating to mcchrystal to have to wait for the ok from people who aren't looking at it from a tactical stand point but from a polls standpoint.

    I recently heard that one of the things the politicians are coming up with in the meetings they are having is to switch the focus from the Taliban to only Al Qaeda itself. Do you think we can separate the two?