Wednesday, October 14, 2009

If Gay Rights Supporters March In Washington, Do They Make A Sound?

Last month the media spent a few days in a state of shock and awe after tens of thousands of conservatives showed up in DC to yell about stuff and misspell signs about Obama simultaneously being Hitler, Stalin, Marx, the Anti-Christ, Muslim, and A Black Guy. Last weekend tens of thousands of people showed up to support gay rights- so, where was the media this time? Naturally this question hinges on Fox, which spent months hyping the 9/12 march and was camped out on the Capitol all day to keep people whipped up into an appropriately picturesque frenzy. The Daily Show puts it in perspective pretty well:

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  1. so where are the signs and pictures you guys did for this one?

  2. we need to get a calendar and fill it up with every protest in dc to stay on top of all this, with a bit more warning we probably could have put together a second showing.

  3. where could one find this calendar once you "get" it? is it online or do we need to come to your house to see it?