Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rest in Peace, Sean Taylor

Updated due to the tragic news: Sean Taylor passed away last night.
Rest in Peace, Sean, our thoughts are with your family.


  1. our thoughts and prayers are definitely with Sean, his family and the Redskins organization... J, definitely a nice touch.

    also great points raised by rahul, this is no time to be constantly reminded that Sean skipped a rookie symposium or (allegedly) assaulted someone over ATVs; his life is literally on the line. unfortunately, journalism training tells us to do so... i disagree with it personally, but if i were to write a story about this situation, for example, an editor would probably tag on all the past information at the end. exactly why they do this, i don't really know. it's completely inappropriate

  2. Note: Updated the post based on the tragic developments.

  3. Shocking...tragic....

    RIP #21

  4. i think you can tell even by the tone of my first posted comment... at no point did i actually Sean would die after this... an immeasurable tragedy for the Redskins, Washington D.C., and the entire NFL. we have been robbed of the next great safety of our generation & an 18-month old has been robbed of her father