Monday, November 5, 2007

From bad to worse

Musharraf imposes emergency rule, protests follow. It's interesting too that for whatever reason, most news stories didn't seem to buy the "He's doing this to fight terrorism" reasoning. That line has worked almost flawlessly for him since 9/11 in giving him a free pass him to do whatever he wanted, and it seems like these recent events have been the first time that that premise has been almost universally questioned. Within the country, the protests against the emergency rule could be a sign that he has overplayed his hand.
"He has held the whole nation of 160 million people hostage, just with the backing of the gun and the Western powers," said one protesting lawyer, M.S. Moghul.
One thing is clear, people understand who has been helping him stay in power and thwart the democratic process.
Hopefully this can help put a lie to the talking point of people hating the US because of "freedom" and "democracy" and "liberty". No, people hate us because of what we do, interfering in other countries affairs, supporting brutal leaders who prevent the will of the people, and enforcing a worldwide economic system that has a negative impact on many (To name a few). However, if someone says this on tv or anywhere else, they are said to be "blaming America first" and probably won't be invited back. While there are a few people who passionately hate the United States for ideological reasons, the vast, vast majority could give a crap about the bill of rights if we stopped actively fucking up their lives.
The sooner we realize this and the media stops giving life to that myth, the sooner our country may have a sane foreign policy.

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