Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving DC Sports fans!

I really liked Hanlon, but somebody had to go for any chance to save this season (and Ove's heart for that matter). And hey, Boudreau has a great AHL record, so maybe he's just been waiting for that chance to impress at the highest level.

When Gil and Caron got injured before the playoffs last year, I had this theory that if only Gil had been hurt, we would have at least made it out of the first round (and maybe all the way to the finals, looking at how terrible the east was). I've always thought that Caron has the skill set and basketball smarts to be a elite player if he was given the opportunity to do be the main option. I would have much, much rather seen this remain a bullshit theory that Landon and I would argue about for hours much to the annoyance of everyone else. (Thoughts of the great Andres Nocioni debates come to mind) But it looks like this theory is going to get tested, and since wizard's season is at stake, I really, really hope I'm right.

So Happy Holidays DC sports fans, keep your heads up, cause... well at least Jason Campbell and Andray Blatche are looking like the real deal!


  1. i guess we should add DC United loses Brian Carroll..quickly followed by a sighting of Veron's agent in DC for the Cup last week...

    I got to say, I grow more and more impressed with Blatche the more I see him play..the man is not afraid to go strong to the net and take the necessary fouls in the paint

  2. well... how about Redskins lose third in a row, followed by waking up to the news that Sean Taylor has been shot and is in critical condition. Not happy times in the District, folks...

  3. Alright, I take it by now everyone has heard about Sean Taylor..
    Whats pissing me off is that every news article and tv story is prefaced with a list of his criminal history, setting him up to be a bad guy instead of the victim of a horrible shooting..

    Even the Redskins report is showing video of his past transgressions...damn people, the man was shot and is fighting for his life and people still want to frame him in a negative light..

    Lets at least wait until after we learn more and until his condition changes...

    Where is the respect ??