Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Explaining Hillary

So I'm sure you're sick of my ranting on about Hillary Clinton, Mark Penn and why I think her nomination would be a catastrophe. But, if you did want more, I wanted to link you to an old article by Ari Berman in the Nation that describes her way of thinking better than anything else I've read.
"The conservative caricature that Hillary is to the left of her husband is a myth. She, like Bill, talks a good game. She's aggressively courted organized labor and distanced herself from policies like NAFTA. She privately tells public-interest groups and liberal commentators that she's on their side. At the same time, she's premised her presidential campaign on a restoration of the Clinton era, frequently invoking "Bill and I" on the stump as a way of claiming credit for the perceived successes of the 1990s. She's expressed no qualms about her closest advisers' forays into the corporate world. Courting elements of the Democratic base while signaling to the corporate right that she won't shake up the system is a tricky juggling act. Even the First Lady of triangulation may not be able to pull it off."
It's a long one, but it's definitely worth the read.

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