Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Openly Gay Romney Spokesperson Resigns For Being Gay

Apparently Mitt Romney's new National Security spokesman was just a enough of an asshole for the job, but a bit too gay:
Just one week ago, The Atlantic heralded Mitt Romney’s hiring of an openly gay spokesman for foreign policy issues as “a breakthrough in the world of Republican presidential campaigns.”

Seven days later, that spokesman had already stepped down, citing conservatives whose outrage over his spot in the campaign made it impossible to do his job.
. . .

The Romney campaign said the resignation came over its objections.

“We are disappointed that Ric decided to resign from the campaign for his own personal reasons,” Romney campaign manger Matt Rhoades told TPM in a statement. “We wanted him to stay because he had superior qualifications for the position he was hired to fill.”

Republican LGBT activists are seething, and say that the resignation shows some factions of the party still aren’t ready to see gay Americans living openly. (Neither Romney nor President Obama supports same-sex marriage — though Obama has said his stance is “evolving.”)

“It is unfortunate that while the Romney campaign made it clear that Grenell being an openly gay man was a non-issue for the governor and his team, the hyper-partisan discussion of issues unrelated to Ric’s national security qualifications threatened to compromise his effectiveness on the campaign trail,” Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director R. Clarke Cooper said in a statement. “Ric was essentially hounded by the far right and far left.”

Others were more willing to cast the blame on the GOP’s anti-gay right.

“Today is a day when national security and foreign affairs is front and center and Mitt Romney don’t have the best person available speaking on his behalf,” said GOProud co-founder Jimmy LaSalvia. “He has Bryan Fischer and Tony Perkins to thank for that.”
Gotta love that quote from the Log Cabin Republicans. He was hounded by the left (for his record on foreign policy issues) and by the right (for being gay). Totally the same thing! I'd go on about how clueless these people are are, but the log cabin republicans might seriously be the most confused motherfuckers on the planet.

Hey guys, these homophobes aren't outliers, they are the conservative movement and they are the Republican Party. I'm glad that your views on economics (or whatever) are enough to spend your days supporting people who don't think you're a human being! Heckuva job!


  1. Fun fact about the Log Cabin Republicans: They were going to call themselves the Lincoln Republicans, but then that name was taken by another group in California so they went with Log Cabin Republicans. Because A. everyone's only association with log cabins is Abraham Lincoln, and B. Everyone knows Abe Lincoln was the nation's first gay president.

  2. Actually the term Lincoln Republicans goes back to the late 1800s with individuals who followed the philosophies of the true Republican Party.