Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Elizabeth Warren Blasts Schneiderman Task Force

Dave Dayen is the best reporter there is on the mortgage settlement/ Schneiderman led task force, so it's been interesting to see his takes on the latest developments. The most recent statement came from an interview he did with Elizabeth Warren, and it's fairly stunning. I've been nervous about Schneiderman's task force, but I didn't expect Warren to be this blunt:
FDL News: Are you confident that the current set of investigations, including this task force co-chaired by Eric Schneiderman looking into mortgage abuses – there’s been a lot of controversy about it, about staffing and resources – are you confident that the investigations in place today will actually lead to the necessary accountability for Wall Street for their role in the crisis?

Warren: I am not confident. No. And that’s the answer to your question. The American people are pushing for more accountability. They need to keep on pushing until it happens.
Well then. And I'm assuming she's pretty fucking plugged in to that process. Consider me a lot less confident as well.

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