Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wisconsin Recall Returns

Follow along the results here, I'll update the post with results when they become official.

Also, on elections I follow Chris Bowers on Twitter, and he's more right than most. Check him out for analysis rather than updates.

Update #1 (10:30): So far three races appear to be over, according to Bowers:

Shilling (D) over Kapanke (R)

Cowles (R) over Nusbaum (D)

Harsdorf (R) over Moore (D)

Two for the bad guys, one for the good guys, we need 3 to take control of the Senate.

Update #2 (11:05):

Two more races gone final:

Shilling (D) over Kapanke (R)

Olsen (R) over Clarke (D)

4 Races down, the Democrats need to win the remaining 2 to take control of the senate.

According to the Bowers and others watching the numbers and looking at where they are coming from, these will go down to the wire. Potentially a long night, get ready!

Update #3 (11:55): One more down, the last one will go down to the wire:

King (D) over Hopper (R)

All down to Pasch (D) vs. Darling (R)

There was all kinds of shady business in this district during the supreme court race last month, when the Democrat was declared the winner and one Republican precinct "found" 14,000 votes, enough to flip the results in favor of the Republican. Tonight, that very same precinct is THE ONLY one yet to report votes. Beyond shady, but hey, this is the same Wisconsin Republican party that ran fake democratic candidates to cause havoc in the primary and waste resources.

More updates on that last race when they come in...

Update #4 (12:50): Looks like we're gonna come up just short.

Thanks for following the coverage, see you in the morning.

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