Friday, August 5, 2011

A Hostage Worth Ransoming

The usual people who cheer on wars and drone bombings without missing a beat because no one supporting them ever said the word "fuck" were all up in arms last week because some congressman said the Republicans acted like terrorists holding the economy hostage or something. I'll admit that I may not have all my facts on this story, and I honestly don't care. The point of this post is that earlier in the week, GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell said this:
"I think some of our members may have thought the default issue was a hostage you might take a chance at shooting," he said. "Most of us didn't think that. What we did learn is this - it's a hostage that's worth ransoming. And it focuses the Congress on something that must be done."
So sorry if I don't care that much that someone called someone a terrorist. I'm a bit more concerned that the leader of a major political party admitted that they were willing to use the potential default of the United States to ram through their insane agenda.

I think that admission is a weeeee bit more important.

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