Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's 2011, People.

Arkansas, what the fuck?
A high school student in Arkansas was blocked from receiving sole valedictorian honors this summer, despite earning the highest G.P.A. in her class and receiving only a single B in her four years at McGehee Secondary School. Kymberly Wimberly’s offense? She’s black. School administrators worried that Wimberly’s accomplishment would result in a “big mess” at the majority-white school, so Principal Darrell Thompson told the student’s mother “that he decided to name a white student as co-valedictorian,” even though the white student had a lower G.P.A. The matter is currently pending in federal court.


  1. yeah, "what the fuck?" about sums up my feelings on that as well.

    Also, I showed this to the new tech in our lab (An african-american girl from the eastern shore, coming out of a brief stint in a lab at Vanderbilt).
    She says that a few years after the fact she found out that her class standing from high school had also been adjusted, down from fourth if I remember correctly.

    So yeah... unfortunately not just Arkansas.

  2. i can't believe this. gross. lame.