Friday, May 27, 2011

Wow! Cool!

Hey Train! Long time no see. I'm totally not dead, for what it's worth. It's been ten thousand years since my last post, but I'll definitely do that again some day. Maybe some day soon...

But for now, I'm here to say that I've started a little bit of a blog myself, located over here:

The China Hotline

Last year I would go to the office and open my email and get hit by a torrent of China news. I always thought it was a pity that all that info frequently pretty much stayed within the walls of that office. I thought about posting it here- but anyone not interested in China would be driven away from the train by like a dozen posts a day about one thing or another. Hijacking the train? Not on my watch!

So come on over to The China Hotline and get links to the meatiest, hottest stories of the day. Feast your eyes on the sensual dance of words and images and information, and maybe come away with a little more knowledge of what's going on over here. Oh, and don't worry- whenever I have words of my own they'll still show up here at the Train!


  1. OMG LOLZ!!

    Nice to see you again J.N.

    Let's keep this Train moving!

  2. why are you awake?!?!?

  3. Nope, this is a lie. JN was forced into slavery and is never to be heard from again. At least that is what I've been telling people.

  4. And like that... he was gone.

  5. this was the simplified version. there was one with a van and a celebration for being the tallest person in a room.

  6. Hooray! Consider yourself google reader'd!

  7. Yay! google readers for some, miniature american flags for others!