Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Train of Thought Lounge–Gareth Emery vs. Markus Schulz–“Not the Same Citadel” (AVB Mashup)

Greetings Friends.  This week’s Lounge selection is dedicated to everyone grinding it out before the holidays.  In particular, I know how hard both the editors and friends of the blog have been working.  I offer this song as a 5 minute sanctuary, where you can let all your worries go.

Just sit back and enjoy the beats, and lounge out. Try not to think about the latest tax deal, or  Fat Albert’s suspension.  And just plain forget about the not-so-sad news of the closing of a local beer institution ( Eds. Note: Lets face it; when was the last time you got your first, second, or even 4th choice of brew there? )

Usually I hate mashups; they are very hard to do well, and most of the time DJ’s take 2 pretty good tracks and then combine them to make utter crap.  Most mash-ups just plain butcher the instrumentals by cutting up the arrangement and adding worthless bass loops and synth pops, while tacking on a completely out-of-place vocal just for the sake of it.

This track is different. It takes Gareth Emery’s moving “Citadel” instrumental and leaves it largely untouched, and gracefully adds only the essential, soft vocals as a compliment to the organization.  Part of what makes the track interesting is the that original source of the vocals - Markus Schulz feat. Jennifer Renee’s “Not the Same”, is actually quite underwhelming. 

Count this one as my December Fight Song:

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