Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The numbers don't add up.

The people on TV seem to have forgotten that Hillary Clinton can't win the pledged delegate lead without a miracle in the next couple of states. Unless she goes for a party destroying super delegate fight... she has lost. I don't get it. They're reporting her spin as if it's fact, and completely ignoring the scoreboard for the night. Make it stop. Please.

Put aside the idiotic stand taken by the pundits tonight, and take a look at the delegate count tomorrow. She can't win without destroying the party through a super delegate fight, I guess our political reporters decided sweep that under the rug for some unknown reason. Oh well. The numbers don't lie, and they'll still be there tomorrow morning.

11:45 - I should point out that Obama's campaign made a massive mistake several weeks ago. After super Tuesday, when Hillary Clinton made the point that super delagetes were important pieces of the process, he needed to take the hard line. I'm guessing his campaign was scared at pissing them off by making such a bold statement, but at that point he needed to firmly say, all super delegates should commit to supporting the winner of the popular vote. It would have been bold, but it would expose the process for being as shady as it is, putting him on the side of democracy and her on the side of back room politics. Super delegates are the only way she can win, and his campaign needs to start pointing this out to anyone who will listen.

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