Thursday, March 6, 2008

Allow me to re-introduce myself...

My name is Jonesy! DC Jonesy, to be exact, and I want to formally introduce myself as one of a slate of new bloggers that have been graciously invited to post on The Train of Thought.  First off, I want to thank J, or "JJ" for that matter (or, while I'm at it, Jay Jay) for allowing me this platform with which to start my journey into the blogosphere.  I've been an avid reader and commenter to this particular blog, and a remarkable foundation has been laid for me to build on.

With politics being the main order of the day, I plan on focusing on the world of sports for most of my posts.  Sports is my area of expertise, as well as my desired job field in the extreme near future, and I have been searching for an outlet that would let me collect and organize my thoughts on the subject.  This way, sports will no longer be only the object of my desire, but a way I can start relevant conversations and get people to think a little more critically about things they once took for granted.

It will take me a while to get the hang of this, but I look forward to jumping aboard this train and helping it keep moving in the right direction.


  1. Glad to see you'll be writing some sports stuff. I can't wait, E.

  2. Jonesy, it's a privilege to have you on this site, where we will get a preview of what I know we'll soon be seeing in the Post or NY Times in years to come. Or if we're lucky enough, we may get to see the passionate and unfiltered writings that will one day cost you a job at the times or the post! Either way, the readers are the winners here.

    I'm also excited about the addition of an actual writer to the site. You'd think that would pressure me to cut down run on sentences or at least shame me into looking up how you're supposed to use an ellipsis(as opposed to constantly and for no good reason)... but you'd probably be wrong. I'm too focused thinking up the next crude MS paint drawing.

    I really am glad we've got this contributing writers thing going, I think it's going to add a new dimension to the site. And now that I figured out it works, look out for a few new faces in the coming weeks/months.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I think it needs to be a tradition to thank Jay Jay Okocha on this site, whether for any good reason or not. I post on dailykos using "Jay Jay" as my name, and I'm still waiting for someone to catch the reference. I'm not holding my breath though.

  3. E Jones cleared for landing...
    now we can all start online arguments attacking each other's stance on healthcare!!