Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Hampshire Live Blog

For the record before the results come in, here were my predictions:
1) Obama 40
2) Clinton 23
3) Edwards 21
4) Richardson 12

1) McCain 35
2) Romney 33
3) Huckabee 12
4) Paul 12
5) Giuliani 5

I feel like those polls that show Obama way up have a chance of backfiring, just cause the expectations will allow her to stay in the game. But the high turnout numbers in the dem primary give me the idea that Obama will pull through, and that it would hurt McCain. Lets see how this goes, I'll be updating as the night goes on.

8:50PM: McCain wins, Romney concedes. Every time Romney gets fired up in a speech it looks like his hair might melt. And it's early, but it looks like Hillary is actually winning... I think I might be sick.

9:33PM: Hillary still ahead, and that's pissing me off too much for any rational thought. For those who are curious I'm watching the returns tonight with my parents (both Obama supporters), My aunt and uncle (by the way, by aunt being Helen from the previous post), and our friend Jon, who is a professor at University of Iowa, who is running the Electoral College Project, and writes for the blog The Data Stream.

11:10PM: So yeah, Here's to my predictions! Not only was this not expected, but this quite simply... well... sucked! Most annoying narrative of the night: "The voters of New Hampshire must have gone into the booth, and decided that they were fed up with the media, and they wanted to shock the world." Hey guess what? NO THEY DIDN'T!!! They didn't send a message, they voted, and they voted for Hillary Clinton. Fantastic, good for them, but they are no smarter than anyone else, they do not vote as an amorphous group and they have no altruistic goal here! They are fucking human beings, just like you and me, who have one vote, and go into the booth with their pants on just like every other US citizen. Anyone who says otherwise just furthering their illegitimate and undemocratic role in choosing who runs our country.

11:50PM: Oh by the way, it's gonna take some time to find words other than one repeated expletive to describe the anger I'm feeling over Hillary Clinton's political rebirth. But for now, I'll leave it to Bunk and McNulty to express my current sentiments. As you might expect, the video isn't work safe.



  1. Nice one! Good old bunk. So who is going to take on the story of why the polls were so wrong?

  2. well I didn't see that coming... all of this "comback kid" Hillary worship makes me want to gag.

    In terms of why the polls were so wrong, well a few things can be said about this. 1) People lie to pollsters... people say the "politically correct" thing and then act (in secret) in a way that exemplifies how they really feel. 2) The press said Obama had it, so the independents voted in the Republican race, taking away support from Obama. I could go into why open primaries are rediculous, but I'll spare you. Had independents not been a factor, I think the polls (pre-primary day) would have more accurately reflected the results.

  3. Interesting point about the independents - I hadn't though of that. HRC also hired Dean's former NH field organizer who is supposed to be amazing on the ground with GOTV. Media Channel just published a number of links to stories on the polling gap, including an article in the Boston Globe and a story on ABC, and one on Bradblog where he questions the voting machines. Links can be found here: http://www.mediachannel.org/.

  4. Can’t help but add an excerpt from an email to Helen about the polls and a mysterious email from her that showed up on my iPhone as “this email has no content”. Whatever can be said of Helen, her emails always have content …

    “…But I've been thinking that within 12 hours of the vote (not enough time for polling), Hillary wept, Hillary said that she "wouldn't be surprised if al qaeda decided to test a new leader..." (that's worthy of Karl Rove and Keith Oberman said as much) and BILL- ridiculed Obama's campaign as a "fairytale" and said about his abilities, "I mean, give me a break". If the Republican candidate doesn't use that they're dumber than I thought. Despicable on all counts and probably effective and RIGHT before people went and touched the paperless touch screens sold to NH by god knows whom! MY state of the art touchscreen said your [Helen’s] email "had no content". What if that were your VOTE!

    I'd say fuck the Clintons but that might not be the best choice of words....”

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    De dуnde eres? їEs un secreto? :)
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