Sunday, October 7, 2007

The teams are alright

Not a bad weekend for my squads to say the least. The skins got a comfortable win today against a not awful lions team. The gators did lose a heart breaker at LSU, but the overall picture is looking good. Arsenal got three points this morning, the sox swept, and the caps start the season 2 and 0. And they look good too. I thought people were nuts for predicting them to be among the worst teams in the league this year, but they could be even better than I thought. Everyone is clicking and after seeing both the thrashers and canes, I really think that we can take the division. I know it's early, but you can't blame me for being excited.


  1. Ha ha!! I was pretty optimistic about the Skins today, but no way did I expect 34-3. Campbell had a breakthrough performance. The Gunners continue to impress too, but the season is SO, so long. Good stuff so far though with 10 wins "on the trot." The Caps look good, D.C. United, it's hard to remember a time where this many of my favorite teams have been this successful at one time.

  2. It's such a weird feeling I honestly don't know how to react. Its too early to actually get excited, but what a start!

  3. You remember that promotion the Caps and United had that Steinberg from the post initiated last year?

    I wonder if they'll cross-market each other again...maybe buy a ticket to one and get a jersey or something..I think last year they gave away signed balls and pucks

    Anyone feeling like getting tickets to one of the remaining dc united home games?