Monday, October 1, 2007

Emanuel and myth get shut down on Real Time

Watching Rahm Emanuel getting taken to task by Michael Eric Dyson and Bill Maher was simply beautiful after hearing this nonsense parroted for weeks and weeks. Emanuel launches deep into a tearful speech about how the troops need armored humvees, they even (gasp!) live in his district, and how he just can't bear to send them home. And then something cool happens: The audience heckled him. They aren't buying it, and it's about damn time!

Here's the video, you can skip ahead to 5:30 if you want the part I'm talking about:

Badass! I figured out how to embed youtube clips! This discovery is going to come back and haunt everyone come NBA season...

Look, its taken some time, but I think the left is finally getting tired of being lied to by their own party. I've noticed both talking to friends and just seeing the reactions of people online, I think many have finally reached the breaking point. And just as a side note, the more this anger builds, I think the first people to feel it will be those running for president. Hillary Clinton, that means you'll get hit first... Obama, take this as your warning.


  1. that's a pretty good analysis, man. although real time crowd is usually one of the most raucous (rawkus? what?) and extremely-liberal, they definitely did call Emanuel out on his bullshit

  2. Let me also publicly apologize for claiming first post when I was somewhere around third or fourth. my bad.

  3. It would be much better if there was a Rawkus crowd... then the show would have been a lot more interesting! Actually, then the crowd would have been mismanaged, and eventually become bankrupt and nonexistent... and that's a lot less cool. I agree about the crowd are really liberal and anti-war, some of these people have still been buying into some of this nonsense about being unable to end the war. I saw a car with a stop the war bumper sticker on one side and a Hillary bumper sticker on the other. I wept. If some of those people can be convinced that what is going on is not "trying to end the war" then maybe the race can be shaken up a bit. Dammit E! Thinking about the demise of rawkus records is really depressing!

    Huh... So I just deleted my own comment instead of changing a spelling mistake. Watch out for that I guess!

  4. Anything that checks Emanuel is an exciting moment. However, the anti war primary voters need to wake up soon. If Hillary is nominated we'll be waking up on November 5th wondering why we have another Republican president. And it will be our doing. I hate to quote Karl Rove, but as he said, "The Democrats are going to nominate Hillary Clinton. She is a deeply flawed candidate and will lose."