Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Fight over CAFTA continues in Costa Rica

Major protests against the agreement yesterday in Costa Rica.

"More than 100,000 Costa Ricans, some dressed as skeletons, protested a U.S. trade pact on Sunday they say will flood their country with cheap farm goods and cause job losses."

"The trade deal is putting at risk our workers' rights. We need an accord with the United States, but not this way," said Juan Chacon, a 50-year-old computer technician."

A government official told Reuters that more than 100,000 people turned out for the demonstration, a huge protest in a country of 4 million."

There has been almost no coverage of this in the US, but there is a referendum scheduled for October 7th in Costa Rica on the agreement. The agreement has been approved (by rather shady and downright disgraceful means) in the US since 2005, but Costa Rica is the only country that must approve the deal by a referendum. The results should be interesting. There is also a wild PR campaign in favor of the deal which other than the lack of facts, has led to some downright hilarious ads:

It kind of reminds me of the Monsignor Martinez, but with more Bernie Sanders.


  1. I was wondering if you noticed this story and really anything regarding cafta getting MSM treatment anywhere...hell, i'd even take notice if was located on pg C10 of some paper..

    Have you seen any of the news articles about Iraq and China's Arms deal signed yesterday? I was online at 2 AM, but this morning the headline was buried at the post...

  2. Yeah, no sign of the china arms deal... I'm kind of surprised since it includes the words "CHINA" and "IRAQ" in the same sentence. I feel like even the laziest reporter would written something about that storyline!