Thursday, April 3, 2014

DC's Democracy Not In Great Shape

Via Charles Davis on Twitter:
This is obviously a problem.

The usual answer is anger at people, but as someone who has spent a lot of time on voter registration in my past, I have a very hard time with that argument.

This seems like a case of bad candidates depressing interest combined with structural problems with DC's governance that make the mayor less powerful and able to do things. The last election that swept Gray into power was much more about hatred of Fenty and Rhee than it was positive feeling about Gray, so with those villains out of the picture this type of result seems likely. It also didn't help matters that the two main candidates were: Bowser (maybe the worst politician I remember winning an office this large, ever) and Gray (under a federal investigation). Not good times.


  1. Well if 35k people will show up to vote for a spiked fire-breathing turtle, presumably you would do ok once someone who doesn't suck shows up on a ballot.
    You know, if that ever happens.